Healthy Eating

Snack Time

 Snack time is a part of the children's development.  They pour their own drink and make the choice of what they would like to eat.  Children learn social skills; eating together, manners between each other and clearing their own cup and plates to the trolley. The children are given a choice of healthy snacks.  We offer at least two different fresh fruits a day along with a bread stick or cracker and a small pot of yogurt.  We do, on occasion, link snack time to themes such as noodles at Chinese New Year or Hot Cross Buns at Easter.  If your child has or develops a food allergy, you must inform staff.

Parents, very kindly, sometimes wish to send in buns or cake for the children on their child's birthday.  Unfortunately, due to allergies and our healthy eating policy, we do not permit this.  We do celebrate all the children's birthdays in other ways and make them feel extra special for the day. 

Packed Lunch

If your child stays all day, you need to send them with a healthy packed lunch.  We recommend a sandwich, piece of fruit and a healthy yogurt.  Other options such as a pasta salad, crackers and cheese or bread sticks and houmous are fine.

 Unhealthy items such as chocolate biscuits, crisps and sweets are not permitted.  If you are concerned about what your child will eat at lunch time, please do not worry, discuss it with us.  We ask that if you send your child with grapes or strawberries, that you please cut them in half.  


There is fresh water available for the children to access throughout the session.

At snack time and lunch time, children have the choice of milk or water.

Again, if you are concerned about what your child will drink while at pre-school, do not worry, please discuss it with us.