Regular Events


The highlight of the year for staff and families is watching the wonderful singing and dancing by the all the children in our Christmas performance.  All the family are welcome to join us to watch and then gather for refreshments and a chat together.

Each year we are invited to watch the Foundation Stage Nativity Play of a local Primary School.

Staff and children have great fun during our Christmas party on the last day of term.  A very special friend of ours, Father Christmas, surprises the children with a gift before they leave for home.

Preparing for the transition to school

We take many steps in helping the children prepare for school.  Our pre-school has excellent links with the two closest schools; Acre Heads Primary and Anlaby Primary.  Both schools invite us to visit them for some lovely events throughout the year, such as sports day, science, music and teddy bears' picnic.

Early in the Summer Term, Foundation stage teachers from these and other local primary schools are invited into the pre-school to meet and get to know the children who will be in their class.

We like to make the children's last week with us extra special by taking them out on a trip at the beginning of the week and a party on the last day.  There are always tears from staff and parents alike.


Throughout the year the pre-school uses the services of a number of outside companies and persons for the benefit of the children and their families.

Photographer - taking fantastic portraits of the children in an environment they know with their friends alongside them.

Book People - books for both children and adults at fabulous discount prices.

Unusual pets - the children get to meet up close animals including a snake, giant snail, a cockerel and tarantula. 

First Aid for parents - a 3 hour course to learn basic first aid and life saving skills.