Pre-School Community


We are Anlaby Park Methodist Pre-School.  We are a non-profit making pre-school overseen by a committee.  The committee ensures that the management and staff team are operating the pre-school in the manner required within the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Members of the Committee and the Church Council support the Pre-School, appreciating its value within the local community, contributing to the education and well-being of local children and their families.

Community Events

The Church and its halls are a hub for local community groups and events.  There is the Parent and Toddler Group as well as many other children's  and adult's activities throughout the week.  

At the front of the building is Ignition Coffee, a part of the community hub, here parents and carers have the further opportunity to make friendships or join in with some of the activities it hosts.

Even after the children have left the pre-school, they and their families may return many times with their school for various celebrations throughout the years.