Items children need while at pre-school

Please name everything.

Small draw string bag/back-pack with:

1 set of spare clothes

nappies, wipes and bags

coat, mittens, hat, scarf - winter

jacket, sunhat - summer


Items not needed during session:

food, drinks, beakers, cups.

Bags to be hung underneath your child's coat on their coat peg in the waiting room. Coat pegs are colour coded for each group; red, blue and green.

Indoor Clothing

Children need to be in comfortable clothing and shoes for pre-school.

Please do  not send in them in outfits or shoes which you do not want to get dirty.  While here at pre-school your child will be painting, playing and moving on the floor both inside and outside.  We have gardening activities as well as investigating for insects in the log piles.  

Please remember that although we have heating, our large rooms are not as warm as your home.  Children need to be wearing at least two layers with their arms and legs covered.  Even on the warmest of summer days, our outdoor area can remain cold until late in the day.

Children's footwear needs to be safe.  We do not allow children to wear open-toed sandals or high heels.  Slippy-soled shoes may be a problem for your child whilst playing and climbing outside.

Outdoor Clothing

The children spend time outside on the majority of days.  Please send your child with outdoor clothing appropriate for the changeable weather. 

During Autumn, Winter and Spring, children need a warm coat, scarf, hat and mittens.

During the Summer children need a warm jacket or rain-coat and a sun hat.

If it is raining or snowing you may wish to send your child in wellingtons.  Please then, send some comfortable shoes for your child to change into.

Staff are not permitted to put sun-cream onto children.  Please make sure that your child is wearing once-a-day sun cream on sunny days.  We do provide this in the waiting room should you choose to ours.